Please take a moment to appreciate the gravity of this message!

The Northern Beaches Council are currently seeking feedback on their 2020 – 2024 delivery plan and thus, the proposed works. This actually means something VERY SIGNIFICANT. 

They want to know what does the community want money spent on and built over the next 4 years? This is more than seeking feedback on a current budget and plans – this is asking for WHAT do you want done!

This is YOUR CHANCE to tell council what they should do – and the more that people submit, the more it gets pushed up the queue. Many other suburbs have frequent and persistent requests and as such, have works attended to. This is an opportunity for YOU to improve the services and facilities that affect you and your community. 

Perhaps you do not think the road is adequate? You feel there should be greater access to the water? The beautification of an area? Pathways built? Parking solutions? Management of parking spots/resident’s parking scheme? Allocation of bike parking? Community facilities? Whatever you think – please DO NOT assume that council are aware of the issue and are working on it – Make Sure they know by submitting your feedback, even if you have previously sent them your concerns.

The online submission period has been extended until tomorrow, Friday, 5pm. So if there is ANYTHING you think council should be doing – and think about what mainlander’s receive that you don’t think is fair that you do not – then PLEASE CLICK HERE. If you miss deadline for the online form submission, you can still email your submissions up until the 21st of June to and make your voice heard.

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