Community Vehicle with Karmel

Soon you will be seeing a brand new Community Vehicle and notice some changes in the signage – but the service (and type of vehicle) will remain the same.

Since inception, the Community Vehicle service has been managed by SIRA.  This was made possible by grant funding from the NSW Government through Transport for NSW and support from Pittwater Council who purchased the vehicle and leased to SIRA funded through the grant.

Due to changes in funding regulations, SIRA is no longer able to manage the new contract obligations directly and has partnered with a large community transport organisation –  Easy Transport Manly Warringah Pittwater (ETMWP) in order to keep the service operating into the future.

ETMWP will manage the funding and compliance and Pittwater Council will source and service the vehicle with SIRA co-ordinating operations and the Island drivers still providing the service.

 For customers, the service, charges and contacts are unchanged.

SIRA is grateful to ETMWP for stepping in and working closely with the SIRA Committee, Pittwater Council and Transport for NSW to ensure this valuable service to the Island community can continue. Information on other ETMWP services on the mainland will be available in the vehicle.


David Hegarty

Vice President



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