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The SIRA Committee is introducing some changes to membership structure and administration, the way we interact with members and the legal requirements for the purchase of Emergency Non-potable Water.


Currently the SIRA membership fee is $20 per household. As from 1 July 2015, membership will be based on individuals, with an annual fee of $10 per person. This is as a result of a review of membership requirements in the SIRA Constitution. We encourage and welcome all residents to join.

The SIRA membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June and you remain a member providing that you pay your renewal fee within 60 days from 1 July and ensure your membership details are up-to-date.

The benefits of SIRA membership include:

  • staying up-to-date on Island issues
  • having a vote on important decisions
  • being involved with your community
  • being able to buy Emergency Non-potable Water

What does this mean for you? If you are currently a member, and wish to renew, please pay your membership fee of $10 before 30 August 2015. We will send you a renewal notice on 1 July.

EMERGENCY NON-POTABLE WATERWater Flowing from Standpipe

The provision of Emergency Non-potable Water is an essential service that SIRA provides to the community and comes with some risk. A legal review of the existing Agreement for Sale of Water has resulted in the rewording of the agreement between the Buyer and SIRA.

The main changes that have been made to the agreement are:

  • a clearer definition of Emergency Non-potable Water and how it can be used
  • clarification that the agreement is only for the property to which it refers and with the person identified in the agreement
  • a clear statement that the Buyer’s undertakings include the responsibility of informing household members and guests that the water supplied is non-potable

Please note:  There is no longer the requirement for all members of the household to be SIRA members before buying Emergency Non-potable Water.  However, as SIRA members share joint responsibility for the waterline, water bookings will only be accepted from SIRA members who complete and sign the Agreement for Sale of Non-potable Water.

What does this mean for you? To assist with the transition to the new Agreement for Sale of Non-Potable Water, we ask all Buyers to complete and sign the new Agreement from 1 July 2015.


From 1 July, SIRA’s new Secure Self-Service Online Portal will be available. The portal will enable:

  • new members to join our association online
  • existing members to renew their membership online, once a year
  • members to sign the Agreement for Sale of Non-potable Water online
  • members to view their details and update these details
  • members to indicate which topics they would like to receive information and notices about

What does this mean for you? This year’s membership renewals will be processed using the new online system. You will still have the choice to use the paper-based form.


The new membership system includes a communications module that we will use to send notices and information. In your online profile you can indicate your interests. You can change your preferences at any time.


The committee anticipates that there will be some questions, so please check out the FAQs below.

We hope the transition to our new procedures will be smooth, will contribute to a more dynamic administrative process and will improve our member services.



SIRA Committee



Q: What happens if SIRA doesn’t have my email address?

A: SIRA will not be able to send you communications and you will not be able to use the Self-Service Portal to renew your membership or to view your membership data. However you can still be a member and renew your membership following the notice we will send you via the post.

Q: Can I pay my membership fee with cash / cheque or via EFT?

A. Yes, all currently used payment methods will continue to be available. Please read the instructions on the invoice you will receive (by email or via the post) because they may have changed.

Q: Can I pay my membership fee with my credit card?

A: Yes, if you pay with a credit card online. You can also pay from your PayPal account if you have one.

Q: What happens if I do not pay my $10 membership fee by 30 August?

A: Your SIRA membership will be suspended, you will not be eligible to vote on important matters at meetings and you will be unable to make an Emergency Non-potable Water booking. Your profile will be retained in our system until 30 June 2016. You can reactivate your SIRA membership at any time by paying the renewal fee. After that time you will need to reapply by completing a new membership application.

Q: Will the water still be supplied from the same source?

A: Yes, there is no change.  Water will continue to be supplied by Sydney Water, via a submarine pipe to the Island which is managed by Pittwater Council and delivered by SIRA emergency water lines to the standpipe that services your property.

Q: Can anyone in my household order water if I am a member?

A: No, only SIRA members who have completed and signed the new Agreement for Sale of Non-potable Water can make a water booking.

Q: Can more than one person of a household be a member?

A: Yes, all individuals over 18 years of age who are full-time or part-time residents or owners of property on Scotland Island are eligible to join SIRA. We encourage all members of the household to join.

Q: What if I am away and someone else in my household needs to book water?

A: If the person is over 18 years old, they can join SIRA and sign the Agreement for Sale of Non-potable Water. The water monitors can provide prompt assistance with this process.

Q: Is my membership profile secure?

A: Our membership system is hosted by Wild Apricot which provides systems for over 15,000 non-profit organisations. They are certified to the highest IT security standards. We do not store credit card information. Online payments are handled by PayPal who do not make credit card data available.

Q: Who can see my membership profile which includes email and phone numbers?

A: Your information can only be viewed by designated SIRA Committee members for membership administration, and water monitors for the purpose of administering water bookings. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

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