Storm water runoff from recent rain has severely damaged the Island’s roads and drainage infrastructure, making some areas dangerous for the Community Vehicle to use safely.

Roads with severe gradients such as Hilda Avenue, Cecil Street and the “hair-pin” bend leading to the top of the Island, now have deep ruts and pot holes make driving dangerous for both drivers and passengers, as well as the vehicle.

These roads are now considered off-limits to the Community Vehicle until further notice.

The following service restrictions will apply:

  • No service to or from the top of the Island from the end of Kevin Avenue
  • No service to Hilda Avenue and Cecil Street
  • No service along Thompson Street between Hilda Avenue and Cecil Street
  • Limited service along Thompson Street between Carol’s Hill and Cecil Street with access only from Carol’s Hill to the gully at the bottom, with the vehicle being required to reverse out

We apologise to all of our customers for this inconvenience, but driver and passenger safety comes first.

SIRA has requested Council to urgently attend to emergency maintenance in these particular locations as well as other areas requiring attention as a result of the storm.

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