Northern Beaches Council have established an advisory group to have input into some aesthetic details of the design of the new Church Point Carpark.

See the project updates webpage and  Terms of Reference for the advisory group

EOIs were called for a communication sent to all SIRA members on the 5th of May encouraging them to submit an Expression of Interest.

From Scotland Island EOIs were submitted by Lizzie Hazelwood (as an independent) and Bill Gye (representing SIRA) who were successfully appointed. Other appointees being Micheal Weiner (WPCA), Roberta Conroy (BVCPA) and Cathy Cubany (CPF).

The first advisory group meeting was held yesterday at Council from 4 – 6pm

The meeting identifying key elements requiring design development and the established ground rules and scope and then broke into working groups to establish criteria for key elements.

It was noted that the concept plan issued at tender has been developed further.

While we have not yet received the minutes of this meeting from Council yet the following are a version of the notes of the meeting kindly shared by Cathy Cubany.


  • To be Timber
  • No handrail required or wanted– consistent with boardwalk designs generally – Barangaroo, Pyrmont, etc– (council landscape arch had ‘risk management’ concerns about this
  • Michael and I both stated there is no statutory requirement for a handrail , Michael reinforced that this is a legacy project and we need to be careful about detail design
  • Detail concrete pile beam capping  to accommodate planting buffer possibly by lowering it to provide plant media above
  • Consider incorporating beam into seating element along the walkway
  • Consider opportunities to incorporate community art eg in seating?
  • Baulwark seating along water’s edge
  • Provide “breakouts” to create interest and improved pedestrian amenity
  • Provide small shelter at access to commuter pontoon per masterplan
  • Consider extending boardwalk to bring piling at opposite ends back to shallower depth.
  • Council stated that the access ramp was being redesigned. The group advised that it may be better to locate at another location near the main wharf – council will consider


  • Bill presented a photomontage with a green top balustrade – no screening to lower level. The group identified that this would not meet the desired screening and planting was likely to be unsuccessful unless planted in ground
  • Timber screen – playing with timber depth and texture required – to be developed. Some concern raised re safety in design/ crime prevention. CK and MW stated that this approach is now being used in Council amenities precisely as it allows some visibility and sound – improving crime prevention.
  • Screen to continue to ground to channel pedestrians to crossing and to provide adequate screening
  • The screen to be greened with vines planted in ground. Council’s landscape architect raised concerns about viability of planting screen.
  • Planting to be endemic. Roberta C provided a list of possible plants
  • Concrete balustrading not required to top level or stairs – use screen to provide balustrading
  • The group raised the strong preference  for leased spaces to be located on top level to minimise conflict in traffic movements as drivers search for parking spots and to reduce noise impact on houses above
  • Surface finishes to be selected to reduce noise impact/ tyre squealing


  • To be low level
  • To reduce light spill to residences above and waterway adjoining
  • Consider lighting at ground/bollard height while maintaining safe lighting levels
  • Carpark lighting could be standard lighting
  • Solar powered if possible
  • On motion sensor


  • Raised as another key element addressed in items above
  • It was noted that tree screening of the carpark was unlikely due to limited planting area and likely RMS requirements for frangible vegetation (as already raised by CPF some time ago)


Council are providing a temporary/ permanent commuter pontoon off Rostrevor Reserve to accommodate places lost during construction. I suggested that this may be an appropriate permanent location provided it is positioned near the marina as suggested in the earlier Steve Wells’ proposal. There are some issues regarding seagrasses at this location. We need to see proposal when further developed.

  • A full time project manager will be employed on an 18 month contract to manage the day to day running of the project
  • Progression to Precinct two works was discussed with suggestion that all groups now lobby the new Council and our Local member to fund this stage.

I didn’t raise the pinch point at the meeting however it is noted on the sketch notes attached.

The group has committed to issue information to all its members.

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