SIRAC Nominations 2015

Volunteer Organisations are an essential component of a civil society

–  Alexis de Tocqueville 1835

At the upcoming SIRA AGM on February 8, 2015 there will be an election of office-bearers (5) and ordinary members (10) for the SIRA Committee. Nominations must be received 7 days in advance, by February 1.

While there are as many visions for the Island as there are people, recently two videos made by Boyd Attewell demonstrated a significant degree of agreement. He asked several people at the Island Fair what is one thing you would like to keep on the Island and what is one thing you would like to change.  The main sentiments expressed were to preserve the community and environment, and to fix roads, septics and parking (at Church Point).

These and other issues have some ongoing plans and implementations, but require effort and goodwill and your community needs you!

Being on the Committee can be rewarding, but does require a commitment of time, working throughout the year with other volunteers for the general community benefit.

Please click here to the go to nominations page and nomination form

Note: If insufficient nominations are received by February 1, additional nominations can be proposed at the AGM


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