A women’s choir has started under the direction of Dr John Lloyd. Ten members now practise at his
residence in Florence Terrace once a week (Wednesday) 7pm to 9pm.

The music will be mostly folk, sacred and classical from various ethnic sources.

In the group at present there are fluent English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Welsh speakers. Music will be studied first in English.

There are Drop Box audio clips to help with the learning of individual parts.

John pointed out some pros:

  • No car parking problem
  • Not too far to walk to a practice
  • Amongst friends (Islanders)
  • No moat to cross
  • Do not have to visit Australia to be in a choir

Good voices are called for – people who can sing in tune and who love singing.

If you are very interested in being part of such a venture or in knowing more about the choir you may
contact John or Alison on 99795584.

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