NBN Co have started work on the island to connect us to the NBN (National Broadband Network). This timeline has been brought forward as the costs were prohibitive to use the new Ausgrid conduit. NBN Co are installing a submarine cable that is trenched under the seafloor from Church Point to the communications pit at Harold Reserve, Carols Wharf. From there, the fibre optic cables will be sent around the island using the existing poles where possible. Significantly, NBN Co has changed out NBN technology and we will now be receiving Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). This is a significant improvement to the previously proposed Fibre to the Curb as each residence will now have the fibre optic cable go the entire way to the premises and not rely on existing copper from your driveway. Fibre optic cable will be installed to your house regardless of if the current copper cable goes underground from a private pole on your land. They will try to use the existing path of your phone line now (aerial or buried conduit) but some properties may require a different path to be taken if needs be.  

Work is underway now with the submarine cable and cabling on the island to continue for some months. We expect the island to be connected an on the NBN by the end of the financial year.

NBN Co have supplied the following information to help guide residents through the process. They are also keen to visit the island and hold a community information session as the time comes closer to connection.

For now, residents do not need to do anything. Be aware that you will be required to change your current phone and internet options to an NBN plan in a few months and will be required to allocate time for an install of the NBN related equipment in your home.

Please click here for an explanation of the the FTTP technology we will be receiving.

Please click here for information on how to prepare for the connection to the NBN.

Be aware that as we are soon to be connected, scammers may try and use this opportunity to cold-call you and scare you into a product. Please click here for information on how to be aware of and protect your self from scammers.

SIRA will keep you up to date with further information as it comes to hand and inform you about the information session.


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  1. Brad jones
    Brad jones says:

    Dear nbn
    I hear you deliver a great service….
    However…The wire delivering your service to 77 Thompson st, (my neighbour, I’m at 79), hangs about 1.9m above the ground where it crosses the path between my house and road. Elsewhere on my property it sits some 1.6m above ground.
    This is unacceptable.
    If you don’t plan to correct this error I’ll have to do it myself. I own some sharp loppers but will hold off for a bit so as to not upset my neighbour. Pull your finger out as I won’t wait forever.

    • SIRA IT Manager
      SIRA IT Manager says:

      This is the Scotland Island Community Website – It has nothing to do with NBN Co. Please redirect your comments to them. Posting on here will NOT have your comments delivered to the service provider.


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