Have your Say | Scotland Island Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study


Council is seeking feedback on the study. Comments close on Wednesday the 28th of October.

Now that the feasibility study has been completed, it has to go to the NSW government from Northern Beaches Council. SIRA will be working with Northern Beaches Council, Rob Stokes and Jason Falinski, our local State and Federal reps, who all support that this work needs to be carried out.

The new study shows that the work would be a lot less than Sydney Water estimated previously In their submission to IPART for their current licence.

Rest assured that the Scotland Island working group along with SIRA will lobby IPART and the NSW government very strongly in the next few months so that the feasibility study be accepted and planning work started for implementation.

The working group has not yet seen the final study but once we have received it we will be able to give you more information.

Colin Haskell
SIRA President

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