Northern Beaches Council continue to seek community input into the offshore waste services (garbage, recycling, bulky goods and vegetation collections) and have developed an online survey to seek feedback. Please have a little think as to the services currently in place and the areas in need of improvement. Reflect on what is working well or wasted and where services have been needed to be propped up.

Some ideas may include: requesting more vegetation pick up (perhaps alternating weeks with paper recycling), relocation of bins, curb-side garbage, increased or decreased bin/recycling volumes, frequency of services, alternate services and providers, security, the use of a local compactor to reduce volume and aesthetics. These are just suggestions and some are based on what council have indicated they are investigating and are mentioned here to get you thinking about what you would like to voice to council.

If you have questions about the online survey or if you wish to receive a hard copy of the survey, please contact the Waste Services team by email or 1300 434 434.

Click here to complete the survey. The survey closes on Sunday the 20th of September.

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