Power Outages

The power will be turned off to the whole island on the Thursday 13th May 9:30- 18:00

Please make suitable arrangements.

Also – the households indicated on the map below will lose power between on Wednesday 12 May 7:00 – 17:00

Both jobs are requested by Northern Beaches Council, to remove trees and finishing of power connection at Carols Wharf.


No vehicle access near Carols wharf. Pedestrian only  Monday10 May -24 May.

Ausgrid are completing cable connection at Carols Wharf. The road near Carol’s Wharf will be completely impassable for two weeks from 10 May.The owner at the property adjacent Carol’s has agreed to allow a turning circle to be created on her property, a solid base which will be ocmpletely restored once the project is complete.

This will service the recycling truck, Community Vehicle and Emergency Services.

The waterline will also be disconnectedat this location in order to move the line back to the boundary as a box is being installed into which cables will be connected. here will be no passage for vehicles but pedestrian access will be open at all times.

Conditional Registration

Important update on buggy registration

It appears that RMS is completing further investigations before allowing conditional registration of buggies.

For now, registration of buggies on the island is on hold until RMS communicates its decision.


Notice of Proposed Roadworks – NBC



Richard Road, Intersection of Hilda &Thompson

Florence Terrance Turning Circle

Please be aware that Northern Beaches Council has scheduled to commence asphalt operations across three days between the hours of 7am and 5pm from Monday to Wednesday, 17th – 19th May 2021

Monday 17th May

Mobilisation of Plant to Richards Road

Tuesday 18th May

Richard Road asphalt works

Wednesday 19th May

Intersection of Hilda & Thompson asphalt works

Wednesday 19th May

Florence Terrace Turning Circle asphalt works

Wednesday 19th May

Demobilisation of Plant from Island

While the work is being done there will be road closures and detours in place for vehicles and explicitly pedestrians. No access through the worksite will be possible except for emergency vehicles.

Although every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience to your service, your cooperation and patience will be greatly appreciated.

Please note that inclement weather may delay the planned works.

Kindy update

Letter from SIRA to community

You will all be aware by now that the kindergarten which was conducted by SIOCS on the island closed its doors in early 2020. This left a vacant building which belongs to Northern Beaches Council.

In July 2020, a community meeting was conducted by the Director of SIOCS to canvas the views of people in the community as to possible future uses of the hall. This was followed up by a Survey Monkey poll in August. The survey was completed by 177 people, 68% of whom were female, 72% were aged 35-64 and 57% of respondents had children in their household. 

The results of the survey were circulated in September 2020, but here is a reminder of the main findings of the survey.

‘Ideas are not mutually exclusive and we envisage a community focused and multi-purpose offering featuring different activities on different days and times of day. 

The strongest interest is in the cultural hub with a focus on art. This idea is popular, and may be reminiscent of the old ‘Gone Fishing’ gallery at the Pasadena, which was managed by islanders (48% felt they were very likely to use a cultural hub incorporating workshops, training, weekend art gallery, cafe, exhibitions, sales). In conjunction with the feedback that the highest interest in services lie in art and pottery classes (over 40% felt very or quite likely to uptake these services), we can see the community would get behind a place of sharing, learning, socialising, buying and selling around art and culture. People are keen on a cafe too, probably as part of this exhibition space.

Next level of interest came the knowledge share and tool library (25% felt they were very likely to use this to recycle and repair, and take DIY classes on typical island tasks). And 24% felt very likely to use a community garden (with workshops, plant exchange and growing space). These are interests specific to life on our island and show a keen interest in ideas to engage in sharing knowledge within the community.

There is also interest in a members’ club which could have social evening events.  

Other ideas such as a co-op for buying bulk dry goods scored relatively well’. (Gail MacKenzie letter to Northern Beaches Council, 4 September, 2020)

Since this letter was sent, there have been various discussions between NBC and island residents. The Council is now willing to make the space available for use by the community in line with the ideas put forward in the survey. SIRA has been asked to administer the hall in the same way that it administers the Community Hall – i.e. a hall manager/s, booking system and charging of fees, responsibility for cleaning and reporting to Council when maintenance and repairs are needed.

NBC plans to make modifications to the hall but usage of the hall as it stands can commence immediately. The recent Festival of Making made good use of the hall and it was judged to be a suitable venue for a wide range of activities. If you have an activity or workshop you would like to offer, with the assistance of the Recreation Club, please contact Carol Floyd (art and culture) or Roy Baker (physical activities).

Watch out for the upcoming survey to find a name for the hall. All members of the community will be invited to vote for a name.

Next meeting of SIRA Sunday 6 June 2021 10-12pm in the Community Hall. All welcome.



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