Update On Sydney Water’s Operating Licence Review 


29 September 2023

Update On Sydney Water’s Operating Licence Review 2023-2024

IPART (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) are undertaking an end-of-term review of the 2022-2024 Sydney Water NSW Operating Licence (Licence) to assess if it continues to meet its objectives. This review will inform their recommendations to the Minister for Water for a new operating licence to commence on 1 July 2024. They will investigate any issues that have arisen during the licence term, which may impact its effectiveness.

An Issues Paper has been published discussing some preliminary positions on how the current Licence could be improved. They are seeking comments from stakeholders to inform our draft recommendations for terms and conditions in the new operating licence (which we will consult on later in the year.

You can read further information on the IPART website:


SIRA has made a submission and will register to speak at the hearing in November, as it has done for previous Reviews. SIRA would like to thank Marie Minslow for putting this together, as well as the entire Water & Wastewater subcommittee for all their work. 

NBC Council have also made a submission and Sydney Water has responded to the Review.

All these documents: the Issues Paper, SIRA’s submission, the Northern Beaches Council submission and Sydney Water’s response are available to read here.

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