Results of survey on Water and Wastewater


2 November, 2023

Results of survey of island residents on Water and Wastewater

During August and September, islanders were surveyed for feedback on the proposed provision of water and wastewater infrastructure. This survey was issued by Rory Amon, Member for Pittwater, and residents were contacted by email, SIRA News, and via the Scotland Island Community and Offshore Community Facebook page.

A total of 228 households responded, which represents a 70% response rate. Most respondents (85%) live full-time on the island. The full survey results are available on the Scotland Island website. View the results of the survey.

Key results:

  • 71% believe that provision of water and wastewater will increase the value of their homes.
  • 97% support the provision of water and wastewater infrastructure to Scotland Island.

The survey also asked respondents to indicate their preparedness to meet the costs of connection, estimated to be $15,000-$20,000.

In response to this question, 88% said they would cover the costs of connection with the following breakdowns:

  • 55% said they would be prepared to meet the costs upfront;
  • 33% said they would need an option of payment terms to link to the system;
  • 8% said they would not be prepared to meet the connection cost.

Note that people who select the last option might pay a much higher fee if they decide to connect later.

This survey will be sent to the NSW Minister for Water for further discussion on funding the project.  SIRA will continue to work with Rory Amon and pursue a meeting with the Minister and Sydney Water to progress the provision of mains water and connection to the mains sewerage system for the island.

Northern Beaches Council and local NSW and Federal Government representatives supported the Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study carried out in 2020 by Northern Beaches Council.

Submissions have been made to IPART by SIRA and Northern Beaches Council to retain the Priority Sewerage Program on which with Scotland Island is listed, as part of Sydney Water’s licencing agreement with the NSW Government. SIRA will make representations to IPART on this matter at the hearing for Sydney Water’s licence renewal in February 2024.

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