Reminder AGM, Emergency Water letter to users 


26 October 2023


SIRA AGM November 19, 10 am – 12 pm, Scotland Island Community Hall

The Annual General Meeting of your residents’ association is coming up in November. All members are invited to attend. At the meeting, brief reports about SIRA activities over the last year will be provided, and members will elect a new committee.

The Committee needs new people to join! If you feel you can contribute to the volunteer work that the Committee undertakes each year, we strongly encourage you to nominate. Meetings are about once every six weeks.

Nominations for officers (President, Vice-Presidents (2), Secretary, Treasurer) or for ordinary committee members (5-10 people) are invited. They must be sent to the secretary at at least 7 days before the AGM (by November 12 for the AGM on November 19th 2023).

Nominations must be made in writing, signed by 2 members of the association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which can be on the nomination form or provided separately). DOWNLOAD THE NOMINATION FORM.

Dear Emergency Water Users,

Over the past few months, some of you have experienced issues when booking or receiving Emergency Water. Emergency Water will never be an adequate substitute for mainland mains pressure supply but the system generally works very well.

Unfortunately, we have encountered fluctuating Sydney Water pressure, a broken modem and internet outages this past year.

Users should be aware that the booking system is not as fast as your NBN connection. Please be patient when starting your booking. If you rush, you may need to go back and reload or back through the SIRA website to the booking app and start again. Here are some tips:

  • ·       Sometimes there is a delay in loading the login screen due to the link to the SIRA website loading into the browser; be patient.
  • ·       It may take longer if you are using a 4G connection on your phone to login.
  • ·       If you are at home, best to use your home WIFI on your phone.
  • ·       When logging in on your PC it’s best to use your home WIFI.
  • ·       Close the tab in your browser after using the website – it is possible that loading can fail if the page is left open.
  • ·       The website may have been updated since last use so it is best to close the tab when done and load from scratch each time via

Full instructions are on the SIRA website under Introduction to The Water System. Please read and understand them before starting your booking and pressing the GET WATER button. We are available to give you tips and walk you through the steps. Please contact your water monitor for assistance.

Like Johnny Cash, you must ‘’Walk the Line’. Unless you know for certain that the person before you is nearby and on the same line, you need to get some exercise! Every valve from the Bell pump stand needs to be pointing towards your standpipe connection. If you have a main line valve past your standpipe, turn it off to increase your water flow but make sure you reset later, for the next user.

We are looking at a dry summer and even if you do collect water off the roof you may need to supplement it with Emergency Water. There are also new residents who may not be familiar with the system, so be a ‘good neighbour’ when you can.

Please be responsible, plan your water booking ahead of time, follow the guidelines and, if in doubt, contact us for some practical training. Please also remember that the Water Monitor hours of operation are 8am to 8pm.

If we can reduce or eliminate user errors, we can all enjoy an uninterrupted water supply.

Thank you! 

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