Hello Islanders!

Welcome to the SIRA newsletter for June. 

Has the island ever been more abuzz on a daily basis than it has for the past 3 months, with so mamy of us just staying home? How lucky we are to be told to stay at home here. 

SIRA sends out a big THANK YOU to the whole community for caring for each other, keeping our distance while staying connected during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

See you on the island,


President’s news:

Community Hall and Events.

The Community Hall is still closed due to covd 19 restrictions and  NorthernBeaches Council I nstructions.  We will open as soon as we have permission to do so, with all the health requirements being met.

Please check government websites for latest Covid-19 restrictions and allowances.  This page on the Northern Beach Council website is a good place to start. https://www.northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au/covid-19

NBN Project

NBN cable has apparently now been laid to Scotland Island. All connections to homes were originally expected to be completed by end of July. We are hopeful that this will now be by the end of August.

Stay tuned for further NBN updates. 

Church Point

You will have received Council’s advice that completion of the board walk will now commence following the plan that was approved however the repositioning of the ferry wharf has been delayed due to Maritime Services issues which still need to be resolved.

SIRA will seek further assistance from State and Federal Gov, Rob Stokes and Jason Falinsky to keep this project moving.


Due to Covid-19, SIRA’s Recreation Club has had to cancel a number of events in the Hall including Table Tennis every Thursday and Saturday. We hope to be back soon.

The Festival of Making will be held in November ‚Äď See poster below.¬†

Roads and Drainage

Maintenance work has been carried out on certain sections of roads on the island, most recently in Florence Terrace and the road to the top of the island. Further work is planned.

Plans for capital works for 1020/1921 are being finalized and should be implemented in June/July. These target road section where drainage has been an on-going issue. These include Cecil Street along Richard Road and the section above the park connecting Kevin Avenue to Robertson Road.

The traffic management plan and registration of unregistered motorized vehicles has been delayed by Covid-19. A fact sheet and timetable, once approved, will be sent out to residents. If all goes well first inspections could begin towards early August.

Waste Management

SIRA had a meeting with Council in January. We raised issues on extra Green Waste Pick Ups and Mulching services through the year, rather than having only two, as is the case now. The corona virus has delayed further discussions but these are expected to recommence soon.

There has been discussion about the redesigning of skips at wharves to prevent building materials placed in them. 


We still await final plans to be agreed with the working group for Bells and Carols wharf upgrades. Alec Beckett (leader of Wharves sub-committee) along with SIRA are trying hard to get final plans and starting/completion dates.

Catherine Park

Council have agreed that further work to improve the park are required and this is being followed up by SIRA.

Next SIRA committee meeting is due to take place on Sunday 29th¬†June, 10am ‚Äď 12 noon, venue to be decided.¬†

We are planning to open our Coffee Club (The 2 Catherines Cafe – more info below) on Sunday mornings in June when restrictions on numbers are lifted. I l look forward to seeing you then to catch up.


The 2 Catherine’s Café 

The 2 Catherines Cafe will have its official opening as soon as possible. The name of the cafe has been chosen to reflect two significant Catherines who have been associated with the island, Catherine Benns and Catherine Bouffler.

Catherine Benns (1838-1920)

Catherine’s mother, Biddy, was a tribal Aboriginal woman who belonged to the Broken Bay Group. In 1847, Biddy married John Lewis Ferdinand and they had 10 children. Catherine Martha, their fifth child, was born in 1838. Catherine had a daughter, Emily, in 1862, and by 1874 Catherine and Emily were living on Scotland Island where Catherine met and married Joseph Benns, a Belgian master mariner. Catherine became a midwife to many local families and her grandmother’s ‘Queen’ title, as well as her reputed bright, intelligent and dignified nature, earned her the title of ‘The Queen of Scotland Island’.¬†

Catherine Teresa Bouffler (1860-1940)

Catherine Bouffler’s daughter, Florence Agnes Bouffler, married Herbert James Fitzpatrick in 1923. Herbert had just bought Scotland Island and he named many features on the island and surrounds. He named¬†Catherine Park after his mother-in-law, Catherine Teresa Bouffler (nee Gattenhof) and Elvina Bay after the woman through¬†whom he¬†met Florence.

Posters will go up in all the usual places to announce the opening and coffee, tea and home-cooked goodies will be for sale.

Ross River Fever Alert

Recently a tradesman working on a building site on Scotland Island received a positive test result for Ross River fever. A second tradesman working on the same site has presented with the same symptoms (not yet tested). Medical personnel have asked for the local community to be informed and for residents to take preventative measures against mosquito bites and to remove potential breeding sites from around the home such as ensuring water tanks are covered and stagnant water is removed.

Ross River fever is caused by a viral infection, transmitted through mosquito bites. Symptoms include fever, rash, and joint pains. Prevention relies on avoiding mosquito bites.

For more information: 


Large blue skip bins – for bagged domestic waste only

You will notice that the poster above is now displayed in public wharves to further remind residents of their obligations regarding waste disposal. 

The large blue skip bins are for bagged domestic waste only, including food waste / food soiled paper / nappies / polystyrene / broken glass & ceramics.

Items such as building materials, hazardous waste, recyclable items, computer equipment, asbestos, batteries, gas cylinders or bulky goods must be disposed of privately either by yourself, by using a local contractor to assist you, or in the twice yearly bulky goods collection.

Our island web site has recently undergone a revamp making it more up-to-date and far more responsive.

Take some time and browse through the extensive information offered; from the updated FAQ’s to the expanded Directory and Upcoming Events.¬†

Note the “Report an Issue” button on the homepage ‚Äď excellent place to notify us that something needs attention.¬†

HUGE thanks to all those involved in the lengthy process, especially Alec Becket and Carol Floyd (CB).

Thank you Jane Matthews for so generously designing the Makers Festival and ISO film posters 

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