Santa’s visit 24 Dec; Community Vehicle Christmas service schedule; New SIRA Committee and Subcommittee lists and AGM draft minutes 


18 December 2022


Santa is coming!

In one of his last public appearances before Christmas, Santa will visit Scotland Island on Saturday 24th December from about 3pm.

This year he will travel on the Scotland Island Fire Boat from Church Point to Tennis Wharf, Bell Wharf, Carols Wharf and Eastern Wharf.

We expect the following rough timings:

  • Church Point 3pm
  • Tennis Wharf 3.30pm
  • Bell Wharf 4.00pm
  • Carols Wharf 4.30pm
  • Eastern Wharf 5.00pm

Come on down or send the kids down to meet Santa.

Watch our Facebook page for updates.

Community Vehicle Christmas service schedule

The Community Vehicle will NOT be in service on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day

Please note that service will stop at 6pm on Christmas Eve and at 6pm on New Year’s Eve to give our drivers a fair go.

Boxing Day Service From 9am To 6pm Only

Please make booking at least 30 minutes in advance to allow for the driver’s family commitments on the day.

The Drivers wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!

SIRA new Committee list, new Subcommittees list, and AGM Draft Minutes now available to view

The new SIRA Committee (SIRAC), elected at the recent AGM, can be viewed here.

You can also view the new Subcommittees list. As you’ll see, lots of islanders have volunteered for the Subcommittees, but there is still room for more. We’d like to have a representative from each Wharf on the Wharves and Watercraft Subcommittee; we don’t have a representative from Cargo or Bells so please do volunteer if you use one of those wharves and are interested in developments. Just contact the Wharves SC Team Leader (details on the webpage).

The draft minutes of the AGM can also be read on the website.

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