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RE: Submissions for the Pasadena PSA liquor licence –

close 21 Oct 2022

The Pasadena has applied to Liquor and Gaming NSW for a Primary Service Authorisation (PSA) licence with the capacity to serve 400 patrons, with hours Mon – Sat 10:00 – 24:00 and Sundays 10:00 – 22:00. At present The Pasadena is a licensed restaurant with a capacity for up to 164 people. 

The on-premises licence number LIQ600462049 was recently endorsed with approved business activities of “restaurant”, “accommodation” and “catering service”.

The Pasadena has lodged another liquor licence application. Application 1-8412950693 was posted on 21 September on the Liquor & Gaming Noticeboard for a Primary Services Authorisation (PSA) allowing the serving of alcohol to customers who are not consuming food. The application proposes:


  •    Operating hours (10.00 am – 12.00 midnight), except Sunday (10am to 10pm).
  •        A maximum number of 400 patrons

Submissions close 21 October 2022. 

A PSA License allows patrons to purchase alcohol without needing to buy food and can be served both inside and outside the restaurant (similar to a beer garden).

Click here to access the Application Details and Background Information.

To make a submission click here, and follow the directions to ‘Make a submission’.

If you have a view on this PSA application you need to make your submission by this Friday, 21 October 2022.

Pasadena PSA Liquor Licence 1-8412950693 Details and Background Information


The Plan: the area is both inside and outside the land owned and leased by the Pasadena. Refer to the Plan in the link


The Community Impact Statement (CISA): 


SIRA, WPCA and some onshore groups have, in response to previous development applica’ons from the Pasadena, raised the following concerns:


  •       Parking of patrons. The attendance of additional patrons will mean additional demands on very limited parking. The offshore community has very limited parking availability to access their homes and no op’ons to park elsewhere, as the community relies on ferries and commuter boat facili’es at Church Point to access Scotland Island. The cost of parking at Church Point is in excess of $500 per vehicle per year, with no guarantee of spaces. The current parking facilities are hardly sufficient at the moment to absorb weekend aRendance at the Waterfront Café, the Pasadena Café and other visitors to the area. Even if alternative means of transport are offered to patrons, our experience over many years is that people will first seek to park close to their venue.

In 2013 a Pasadena DA was refused in the NSW Land and Environment Court (2013). It was determined that the limit of 138 patrons required the premises to provide 48 parking spaces. By the same calculaLon 400 patrons would require at least 120 parking spaces.


  •      The impact on noise. Noise travels significantly over water. The local area is a quiet area. While some musical activities are acceptable, ongoing noise for island and offshore residents from patrons, live bands and music both during the day and late in the evening would significantly affect the character of the area. 
  • The merit of the proposal for the local community’s safety and family character. Church Point is a busy transport hub. The Pasadena is located adjacent to the public ferry wharf, the water taxi drop-off and pickup area, drop off or pick-up for commuters, school children and visitors to Ku-ring-gai Chase Na’onal Park. It is common for parents to leave groceries and children at the reserve while they locate a parking spot, therefore, safety of goods and children is cri’cally important. The reserve has been identified by Council as an alcohol prohibited area (APA). The prohibi’on allows opened containers of alcohol in the reserve only from Friday through to Sunday and Public Holidays between 3.00 pm and 9.00 pm.
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety. Added vehicle traffic for 400 patrons is a significant increase of traffic for the local area. There are no pedestrian crossings. Adults and school children, as young as 7 years old and on their own, cross the road in front of the Pasadena.
 Add your voice if you are concerned about the impact of this amendment and substantial increase to hours and numbers. 
  • To make a submission click here, and follow the directions to ‘Make a submission’.

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