Crew call for new play; Church Point Commuter Wharf Feasibility Study; Information on changed hours from Pink Water Taxi


7 September 2022 




The SIRA Recreation Committee is extending its call out to anyone interested in auditioning or participating in the production of our Island play  

The Two Catherines: A Twisted Scotland Island Tale

The play will be staged in early 2023.

To find out more please contact the director at

Expressions of Interest close 7th October 2022

Church Point Commuter Wharf Feasibility Study: submissions invited

The Church Point Commuter Wharf Feasibility Study presents the assessed options for alleviating overcrowding of boats at this important local commuter hub. Submissions close: Mon 26 September. 

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Letter from Church Point Friends re the Wharf Feasibility Study


Project scope and background need to refer to and appreciate the objectives for the waterfront design contained within the gazetted masterplan and implemented to date. This impacts all residents both on and offshore, residents immediately above the commuter wharf and visitors to Church Point who come to enjoy the Pittwater waterfront and proximity of the National Park. 

The Church Point waterfront is being consumed by commercial activities. While these create a lively waterfront there needs to be a balance inf we are to retain the essential character of this unique area.

While 300 commuter dinghy permits exist it is appreciated that many residents are now working from  home, not only during Covid Lockdown but increasingly as a lifestyle choice. Senior residents are now  eligible for free ferry travel. The demand for tinny time up at any one time is considerably lower than the  number of permits issued. Like car parking at Church Point demand management measures need to be considered for tinny tie ups before committing to extensive infrastructure. 

Options 1a and 1b


• Creates a cluttered marina waterfront impacting on outlook and public enjoyment of the Pittwater waterfront 

• Has not received full support at masterplan stage • Requires relocation of moorings which will result in substantial delay and possible compensation 

(Refer to discussions regarding relocation of ferry pontoon)

Option 2a Rostrevor


• Subject to retention of waterfront park amenity and modified design to reduce conflict with use of beachfront, cargo wharf and park  for passive recreation. Current layout impacts  amenity of the public reserve. 

• Already proven as a workable location when used for temporary tie up during construction of the current  commuter wharf.

Option 2b Church Point Reserve Headland


Fails to address approved masterplan objectives for this area as a recreational waterfront park

Conflict with seagrasses previously identified to be  retained and not subject to infill or damage from boat  motors 

Will intensify parking demand at this location

Option 3a Rowland Reserve

SUPPORTED for consideration as additional dispersal subject to uptake from offshore residents 

Option 3b McCarss Creek Reserve


The Reserve is not as secure a location at night time and is  distant from amenities and offshore bays. 

• Low knot zone among moored boats from here to Church  Point increases travel times 

McCarrs Creek reserve is a much used and loved  recreational area used for picnicking,loading and  unloading watercraft, fishing, swimming and passive  recreation. This is considered an incompatible use.

Option 3b Bayview Baths

SUPPORTED for consideration as additional dispersal subject to uptake from offshore residents. Some commuter craft are currently using this location. 

Limited parking will have an impact on number of tie ups. 

Letter from Pink Water Taxis about extended hours

Hello from the Pink Water Taxis!

Spring has arrived.  The cold winter and lingering effects of COVID are receding and customers are naturally asking when the water taxi hours are going back to normal. 

Whilst hardly pre-COVID levels, there is the hint of enough business to start extending. 

From Sunday 4 September, the water taxi now runs until 9pm; no bookings required.

We have our sights set on the October long weekend to push back up to 10pm if the demand is there.

If you need us After Hours, do please call. 

See you on the water!