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Inflatable Lifejacket Self-Service Clinic

Cargo Wharf, Church Point
10am – 2pm
Sat, 2 July 2022

Servicing your inflatable lifejacket is a legal requirement in NSW. You must service your inflatable lifejacket every year, or in line with the manufacturer’s advice.

The WPCA has arranged for Transport for NSW (Maritime) to hold an inflatable lifejacket self-servicing clinic for their members, however SIRA members and other off-shore residents are also welcome.

The free 45-minute sessions include demonstrations on how to service an inflatable lifejacket including what to look for to ensure it remains effective and hands on guidance and steps to check and service your own lifejackets. The first session will start at 10am, they will then conduct one-to-one or small group sessions from 11am as required. The final session will begin at 1pm.

The opportunity to ask questions and obtain additional Maritime resources such as the Boating Handbook, safety brochures and labels are also available at these sessions. Some self-servicing parts and Co2 cylinders will be available for free as well as other items such as floating key-rings with whistle and waterproof pouches for mobile phones.

Attendees are encouraged to bring along their own lifejackets to the clinic.

All attendees are to follow NSW Government COVID-19 safety guidelines and instruction given by staff.

For more information:
See Inflatable Life Jackets Service Clinics


SIRAC Meeting Minutes

Minutes for SIRAC Meeting May 29, 2022 are now published on the website. They can be accessed HERE.

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