As notified previously the Pasadena is applying for a Catering (events) Licence to hold unlimited events – submissions close 10 June 2022. The changes proposed are significant and could have an impact on parking and noise, so we urge everyone to consider making a submission. The total number of submissions is an important factor in Council’s perception of the importance of the issue! 

SIRA has now joined in the WPCA submission (reproduced in the June 4 SIRA News). Although SIRAC has always been very cautious about not speaking for the community without surveying residents, we agreed that in this case the issues are just too significant and that we need to respond in the time frame we have. SIRAC still strongly urges every resident to also make their own submission. 

To make a submission click on this form. Your details can be anonymous and will not be disclosed to the Pasadena owner/licensee.

SIRA subcommittee activities from January to May 2022: a report

Want to find out what the SIRA Subcommittees have been doing in the first part of this year? You can now view a short report here on activities in areas such as Communications,  Roads, Drainage and the Environment, the Recreation Club, Wharves, and Water and Wastewater.

Carols Wharf christening

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