Proposal for art space use of the Recreation Centre, Scotland Island

Offshore artists and makers are an important part of our community and have added immeasurably to the richness and appeal of our festivals and other community events. One issue for local artists and artisans is space and occasions on which to create, show and sell work. In recognition of this, SIRA would like to encourage the use of the Recreation Centre as an art space, amongst its many other uses.

To this end, SIRA invites local artists to contribute ideas to how the Centre could be used to enhance community participation in the arts, to show and to sell works. One idea could be to display works in the Centre and have artist volunteers available to monitor and sell works during community events such as the twice monthly Sunday cafés. This might operate in a similar fashion to the way the Gone Fishing Gallery operated in the Pasadena approximately a decade ago. Other ideas could include specific events, such as a 3D exhibition and another Maker’s Festival.

Ideally, SIRA would encourage and support such ventures but they would be driven by an artists’ group rather than by SIRA.

In an initial trial to use the Centre as an art space, SIRA has agreed a request from Andrew Mills to use the Centre for 10 weeks as a location to complete a major work. This trial will include a period in which Andrew agrees to deliver an artist’s talk about his work, be available at designated times for interested residents to visit the space while he is working and participate in other art-related events/on-going arrangements that are proposed by an artists’ group. These times could be approximately once per week.

Andrew will have use of the Recreation Centre only during the times that it is not required for other uses. Other uses may include workshops, meetings, or other events. Andrew agrees to store his canvases in one of the storerooms for the time of the workshops, in a manner that does not prevent other uses. SIRA agrees to inform AM in good time of other requirements.

Andrew Mills will use the hall to complete his triptych, Wall of Skulls, from the end of March to approximately June 1; however if renovation work begins on the Recreation Centre earlier than that, he agrees to vacate earlier.  

Repair your own boat workshops: thank you to Simon Tucker

SIRA would like to extend thanks to Simon Tucker for his two boat workshops offered recently, both of which were fully subscribed. Simon’s valuable advice, knowledge and tips were shared free of charge, on a purely voluntary basis. Thank you Simon!  

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