Catherine Park Meeting Council Landscape Architect     December 7, 2021


NB Council – Lia Skountzos, Landscape Architect

Scotland Island representatives – Roads, Drainage and Environment Subcommittee, Bootcamp, Recreation Club, Bushcare

Aim: – Review of requirements and priorities to be incorporated into a landscape plan for Catherine Park

Introduction: Common agreement on the importance of:

  • ·       Retaining and enhancing the natural character of the park (simple and low key)
  • ·       Open space for games and festivals with an improved grass surface and drainage
  • ·       Improving amenity for community gatherings and recreation, on the foreshore and between the Hall and Recreation Centre,
  • ·       Safe all-weather access for pedestrians from roads and along the foreshore, across the swale and up to and between the community buildings
  • ·       Consideration for the needs of special interest groups

The group walked around the park looking at its present structure and the condition of existing facilities. Discussion centred on what improvements are required and what are the future priorities. It was acknowledged that improvements will extend over years, but this is an opportunity to set priorities and budget requirements for the future.

In existence now are:

  • ·       Picnic sites – 3 sites
  • ·       Small craft storage sites – 2 sites
  • ·       Open grass play space with log edging
  • ·       Playgrounds – 2 sites
  • ·       Paths and handrails – From the road to the Hall and Recreation Centre and along the foreshore to Tennis Court Wharf access
  • ·       Outdoor meeting and performance areas – The paved and grassed area below and between the Hall and Recreation Centre and the foreshore either side of Pitt Street.
  • ·       Surrounding bushland and landscape beds
  • ·       Sandy foreshore beach – 2 sites either side of Pitt Street
  • ·       Below and adjacent to Pitt Street parking for mobility vehicles incorporating a drop off pick up site for deliveries

To date discussion has highlighted as most critical the need to provide safe and functional access along the foreshore and between the buildings, improvements to the open grass play space, designated space for small craft storage and improvements to the outdoor meeting space (especially in the vicinity of the buildings and along the foreshore).

Lia will be considering community ideas and previous designs to complete a landscape plan for community discussion/ consultation.

Scotland Island Energy Reliability Project

Sharon Kinnison and Cass Gye met with Ausgrid this past week. The official update from Ausgrid is below. In addition, the following information was given:

  • ·       Ausgrid aim to have the road open either side of working hours which will be from 7.30am to 3.30pm. 
  • ·       Skips will be stored at the site, so residents will have to make other parking arrangements.
  • ·       Road Closed signs will be placed at the intersection of Cecil and Richard as well as Thompson and Harold.
  • ·       Pedestrian access will be made available, as per notice.
  • ·       Recycling will take place as normal

Official notice from Ausgrid: Connection work – Scotland Island and Church Point update

As you are aware, Ausgrid has installed a new electricity cable between Church Point and Scotland Island. This cable will improve the reliability of the power supply to Scotland Island. Work to complete jointing and connection work of the cable will restart in February 2022.

Work at Church Point

From Tuesday 1 February 2022, work will start on the eastern edge of the Church Point Reserve Carpark to excavate the pit and then complete jointing and connection work. This work is expected to take up to three weeks to complete, weather and ground conditions permitting.

During the work, we will need to use about eight parking spaces in the southern end of the Carpark, near the Pittwater Road. We will fence this area off from Friday 4 February 2022.

Work on Richard Road, Scotland Island

From Monday 21 February 2022, work will start on the corner of Richard Road and Harold Avenue to excavate the pit and complete jointing and connection work (see plan below for location of work). The work will take about two weeks to complete, weather and ground conditions permitting.

During the work, we will work to maintain pedestrian access in most instances to Richard Road and to the wharf and reserve from the road. However, there will be times when access will be restricted during work hours. We will notify the community in advance of any access changes.

Access to the wharf from the water will be maintained at all times. Ferry, water taxi and boat activities will not be affected.

Work hours

With statewide changes to construction working hours due to Covid-19, our work hours will continue to be:

  • ·       Monday to Friday 6am to 6.30pm
  • ·       Saturday 7.30am to 5.30pm
  • ·       Sunday 7.30am to 5.30pm

What to expect during our work

Work will be noisy at times, and there will be an increase in vehicle movements. We will minimise the impacts to you by:

  • ·       installing noise blankets around excavations and noise generating equipment
  • ·       directing lighting away from residential properties, and
  • ·       carrying out regular inspections to ensure minimal impact to surrounding residents.

Keeping you informed

For information related to the project visit our website at


Alternatively, you can contact Ausgrid on 1800 604 765 or

We apologise for any inconvenience this work may cause you and thank you for your continued patience.

Yours sincerely,

John Granger

Portfolio Manager

Location of work on Richard Road, Scotland Island

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