Scotland Island Traffic Management plan update.

Following up on concerns raised by some members of the community the Scotland Island Traffic Management Plan was placed on hold and to be reviewed by Transport NSW.

The first and most important part of the review process was a visit to the Island which took place on the 6th of December. Delegations from Transport NSW, Broken Bay Water Police, NBC Council and SIRA Roads Sub-committee met and walked around the Island including the area of the recent buggy accident.

Observations of road conditions registered and unregistered vehicles, the wide range of differing vehicles as well as roadside vehicle parking platforms were noted, and many photos were taken.

After the walking tour the attendees discussed the next steps involved in this process. Traffic NSW will be conducting internal discussions with several departments including Centre for Road Safety and Legal. It was advised that the first steps in this process would be to understand what types of vehicles and speed limits are safe for these road conditions and then what actions and conditions would need to be applied to achieve conditional registration. It was mentioned that NSW Conditional Registration is currently being reviewed and Traffic NSW may need to consider a Scotland Island specific conditional registration code.

After a follow by the SIRA Roads Sub-committee Traffic NSW advised that they are aiming to have an outcome prior to October 2022. We will be closely monitoring this and encouraging Traffic NSW for an outcome even sooner.

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