Skips at public wharves

SIRA Waste Management team has had ongoing discussions about improvements to the Island’s waste collections. 

The issue of inappropriate materials being placed in the skips at wharves has been a long-standing problem.  The bins are continually overflowing due to illegal disposal of material. 

Council have now placed clear signage to advise residents of the correct use of these skips which are for household waste ONLY.  These skips are not for vegetation and building materials.

The 2022 Waste Calendars have also been placed at each wharf for collection by residents.

  • ·       Bulky Goods collections are February 7 and August 8
  • ·       Vegetation collections (hard sided containers and bundles, NOT BULKA BAGS) are March 7 and September 5

Please read the information detailing what material is appropriate and inappropriate for these collections.

SIRA is continuing to press for additional vegetation collections each year.

SIRA Halls manager sought

Are you interested in our shared community spaces? SIRA is looking for a volunteer to manage the Community Hall and Recreation Centre. Your duties would probably take about 5 hours per month. They include:

  • ·       Managing the cleaning of the two buildings (liaising with the paid cleaner)
  • ·       Purchasing supplies needed (cleaning supplies mostly)
  • ·       Liaising with Northern Beaches Council if and when required; for example, re broken locks, painting or other issues
  • ·       Being a member of the Recreation Club committee with the goal of promoting the use of the hall and contributing ideas to events in the two community buildings

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