In this edition:

  • ·        SIRA AGM
  • ·        Community Partnerships Grant
  • ·        Bush Fire Support: Information about the Fine Fuel Collection
  • ·        Ausgrid information on work at Catherine Park
  • ·        Carols on Pittwater announcement



The AGM was held Sunday November 14 in the Fire Shed attended by 24 people plus 4 more on Zoom. The new SIRA committee for 2021/2022 was elected.  SIRA would like to thank both Brian Rodgers and Marie Minslow, who did not nominate for this year, and to warmly welcome four new residents to the committee. We also thank Tim Turpin, who resigned as Treasurer, but will remain on the committee. The new committee is:

Colin Haskell: President

Sharon Kinnison: Vice President

Juliet Wills: Secretary

Sharon Dwyer: Treasurer

Sue Armstrong

Boyd Attewell
Jennette Davidson

Carol B Floyd

Fabienne d’Hautefeuille

Robyn Iredale

Mark Martin

Shane O’Neill

Tim Turpin

Duncan Watts

The Annual Report is available HERE

A shorter summary of SIRA’s work over 2021 is also available at the same location, as a pdf or as a short movie.

SIRA wins Community Partnerships Grant for $48,000

The grant will be used to purchase awnings for the Two Catherine’s Café, for lighting on the steps going down to the hall, and to purchase kitchen equipment for the Recreation Centre, which will be refurbished by NBC. SIRA thanks Robyn Iredale for initiating and writing the grant application: this is a major win for residents!

Council fine fuel collection

Information for Residents of Scotland Island


To help reduce the risk of bushfire and ember attacks, Council is organising another fine fuel collection.


Fine fuel collection – 6 December 2021 (not on your 2021 Waste & Recycling calendar)


Fine fuel includes leaves, twigs and bark that can easily catch fire and only these materials will be collected. Fine fuels are less than the diameter of your little finger.


Please note other vegetation will not be collected as part of the fine fuel collection.

  • Only Council supplied fine fuel bags will be collected.

What do you need to do?


  • 1.           A fine fuel bag supplied by Council (one bag ONLY per household) will be available on Sunday 21 November 2021 arranged via the Scotland Island Residents’ Association.
  • 2.           Clear your roof and rake up all the fine fuel around your house and tip it into the fine fuel bag.
  • 3.           Place your bag on the road reserve outside your property for collection leaving a 3m gap in the road reserve or fire trail to allow for emergency access.


When is it happening?

Bag collection starts from 8am on Monday 6 December 2021. Have your bags ready from 8am otherwise they will not be collected.


Contractor carrying out the fine fuel collection

Taylor’d Marine Services


Who can I ask for more information?

Scotland Island Residents’ Association Cass Gye on 0418 220 107,

Northern Beaches Council:

Bushfire preparation, visit

Work in Catherine Park: advice from Ausgrid

The following advice arrived by email from Ausgrid to SIRA on November 19

Good afternoon


Just to let you know that the drilling work is now complete in Catherine Park – all went very well and to plan.


The next step is to install the new cable, which we will do after the school holidays in February 2022.


In the interim,  we will be completely demobilising from site in the next few days, weather permitting and will temporarily restore the area with grass so that the community can have full use of the park over the school holidays. 


We will then notify you and the community in the new year with timing for the cable installation.


If you have any questions please let me know – we will send out a notification to residents next week explaining the next steps.

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