The Bulky Goods collection on 9 August is going ahead

Scotland Island residents receive two scheduled bulky goods collections per year.  Go to Waste Calendar:

Materials must only be placed out the weekend before the scheduled bulky goods collection date. Collection from roadside only.

What can and cannot be collected

Not all items are accepted under the collection service. A guide of what can/cannot be collected is below:

Acceptable items

Maximum 3 cubic metres, similar to a small box trailer

  • ·        Furniture
  • ·        Mattresses and bed bases
  • ·        Non-recyclable household items
  • ·        Paint tins, empty, lids removed
  • ·        Up to 12 fence palings
  • ·        Wooden pallets to be dismantled into manageable lengths
  • ·        Rolled and tied up carpets up to 1.8m long (max 3 rolls)
  • ·        Empty hot water systems
  • ·        Whitegoods – with doors removed
  • ·        Up to three sheets of metal roofing – maximum size 1m x 1.5m
  • ·        Metal 
  • ·        Empty beanbags. Put the polystyrene beads in a strong plastic bag, expel the air, seal
  • ·        Small items (must be larger than a toaster) should be placed out in unwanted bins/crates/boxes


  • ·        Items over 1.8m long
  • ·        Heavy items that can’t be safely moved by two people
  • ·        Liquid or business waste
  • ·        E-waste, specifically TVs, computers
  • ·        Car parts, tyres, oils, outboard motors
  • ·        Sheet glass, mirrors, windows, glass tables
  • ·        Building material, including insulation, brick, rubble, asbestos
  • ·        Wooden pallets, unless dismantled into manageable lengths
  • ·        Hazardous waste, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, chemicals, paint, car batteries
  • ·        Vegetation, recyclable material, household garbage
  • ·        Polystyrene beads, put these in a strong plastic bag, expel the air and seal.
  • ·        Small items like knives, forks and spoons. (Nothing smaller than a toaster) 

Don’t send all your items to landfill

Give them a second life. Consider the many ways you can sell, recycle or upcycle before you present your items for collection. For tips to reduce your waste, visit

What is E-waste?

Televisions, desktop and portable computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, cables, drives, printers, scanners and computer-related peripherals are all classified as e-waste. They contain a lot of hazardous materials like arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury. We don’t want these in the environment.

Where to recycle TVs and computer equipment

It’s free to take up to 15 e-waste items a day to:



There have been increased instances of Emergency Water Line standpipes being damaged after impact by vehicles.

This damage renders the water line inoperable until the incident is reported and repaired. This can impact a resident’s water booking and result in loss of water.

All vehicle and service vehicle users please be aware of the water line and standpipe locations where you need to pass each other.  Please check that you are not on top of, or near, a standpipe.

If you notice any damage to the Emergency Water Line, or if you may have accidentally damaged it, please contact immediately the Water Manager or your Water Line Monitor so it can be repaired as soon as possible to minimise the impact on the next water booking. 


Water Manager: Cass Gye  Ph: 0418 220 107

Line 1 Water Monitor: Nikki Gibson  Ph: 0425 227 792

Line 2, Line 3 Water Monitor: Ian Laughton-Smith  Ph: 0404 833 674

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