As you are aware, the Kindy has been closed. Council, who own the hall, have undertaken to do a full clean and remove any remaining contents by 21 November.

Residents who would like to use the kindy hall should email Customer Service, Northern Beaches Council, with their requests. There will be an interim booking policy in place.

Be aware that the hall is a lovely bright space but the facilities are quite simple and users will need to check that the infrastructure, equipment and furniture available is suited to their needs. The hall is covered through Council for public liability insurance but any businesses hiring the hall should have their own professional indemnity in place and run all events within Covid-19 policy guidelines.

A second community meeting to discuss future usage will be held in March 2021. Please note, SIRA committee’s role is that of management of bookings for the existing hall and liaison with Council on maintenance and longer term infrastructure upgrades of all facilities.  

How the  (Kindy) hall is used and who steps up to initiate the new ideas and bring them to fruition is down to the creativity and energy of the residents.

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