SIRA will be able to give residents more details when the pump will be installed but it is expected to be by the end of January subject to when the pump is available.

Once the pump is installed it will ensure adequate flow levels to satisfy the whole community.

It has taken a lot of work and time to solve the problem and we are now making every effort to expedite the installation.

Ian and Nicki our water monitors are really trying hard to ensure you have water when you have a real emergency.

They are doing a tremendous job in the circumstances and deserve your support.

Notice to Council 

Scotland Island Residents Association (SIRA) is exercising its powers given jointly by Sydney Water and Northern Beaches Council for the purpose of maintaining levels of emergency water supply to the community especially now during the fire season.

After nearby residents concerns on noise levels of the pump, SIRA has taken expert advice on complying with the relevant statutory standards and codes relating to noise and attenuation.

SIRA has resolved after taking these steps to arrange the installation of a variable pump system to maintain and achieve an acceptable water pressure for delivery of emergency water supply for the whole island.

The pump will automatically switch on from time to time. It will not run over night and it will only run during the day when required. 

As a further safeguard to ensure residents nearby are not inconvenienced by noise from the pump, it will be housed in a comprehensive insulated enclosure.

A local resident will manage this and will be able and authorised by SIRA to override the pump manually if he considers the pump noise at any time unacceptable.

SIRA will review the pump performance along with local residents every month or as required.

Maintenance of the pump will be carried out every six months to ensure noise and water flow levels are being achieved.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Colin Haskell


Scotland Island Residents Association

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