NSW health has reported 28 cases of Covid 19 on the Northern Beaches (as at midday 18/12/2020).

To assist contact tracing and to contain any potential spread of COVID-19, NSW Health asks that from Friday 18 December to Sunday 20 December 2020, people living in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area take the following steps. 

  • Work from home and remain at home as much as possible.
  • Do not visit friends or relatives in aged care facilities or hospitals unless essential.
  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings.
  • Keep to your household group.
  • Avoid visiting high-risk venues including clubs, restaurants, places of worship and gyms.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel outside the Northern Beaches area.

People from outside the area should avoid unnecessary travel to the Northern Beaches during this time.

NSW Health has issued advice about locations where

Let’s all stay home to keep each other safe while authorities seek to trace all cases. If they can nip it in the bud, we might yet get to celebrate Christmas with our families.


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