To help reduce the risk of bushfire and ember attacks, Council is organising another fine fuel and vegetation collection.

Fine fuel collection ‚Äď November 2020

Fine fuel includes leaves, twigs and bark that can easily catch fire. Fine fuels are less than the diameter of your little finger.

What do you need to do?

  1. A fine fuel bag supplied by Council (one bag per household) will be distributed from Sunday 25 October 2020arranged via the Scotland Island Residents Association.
  2. Clear your roof and rake up all the fine fuel around your house and tip it into the large bag.
  3. Place your bag on the road reserve outside your property for collection.

When is it happening?

Bag collection starts from Monday 23 November 2020 until all the bags are collected.  (Note: There will be no collection from Monday 9 November. The collection was rescheduled to commence 23 November 2020)

Additional Fine fuel collection ‚Äď February 2021

A further fine fuel bag collection will commence 1 February 2021. Bags will be distributed from Sunday, 17 January 2021.

Vegetation collection

In addition to the work carried out to reduce fine fuel in your community, Council is working with their contractor URM who are providing your scheduled vegetation collection service.  The following March collection date will appear on your 2021 Waste Calendar that will be delivered at the end of the year.

What do you need to do?

  1. Present your vegetation in tied bundles or a hard-sided container the weekend before the scheduled collection date. Please note material presented in plastic, nylon, hessian bags, cardboard or foam boxes and untied bundles will not be collected.
  2. Place your vegetation on the road reserve outside your property for collection.
  3. Pick up starts from Monday 1 March 2021.

Please ensure a three-metre gap is left on the road to allow trucks to collect the vegetation.

Do not use the bags which are provided for the fine fuels collection, as these bags too heavy and are collected by mechanical means only.  

Please note that the collection of bags of fine fuel material and bundled vegetation will be collected at different times and not together.

Who can I ask for more information?

You can contact Scotland Island Residents Association Cass Gye on 0418 220 107

Northern Beaches Council Email:

For more information about preparing for bushfire and for the latest updates, visit

Kind regards,

Cathryn Hannemann

Waste Education Officer

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