SIRA has received an update from Ausgrid in relation to their continuing works to provide the island and bays with more reliable power. Please see the main excerpt below or click here to view the whole document.

Progress to date

Drilling work restarted earlier this month. However, due to drilling issues related to widening the borehole at Scotland Island further drilling was halted.

In the last few weeks, Dunstans and Ausgrid have been working to find a solution to complete the work. We appreciate the ongoing patience of nearby residents.

Drilling work will restart in in the coming weeks, with the expectation that work in the Church Point carpark is still planned to be completed by the end of October 2020.

Early next week, you may notice barges and divers working in Pittwater to install a temporary submarine pipe between the Church Point construction site and Carols Wharf, Scotland Island. This pipe will be used to reuse the drilling mud in the drilling operations and will be removed when the drilling has been completed.

Dunstans have been working with relevant government agencies and Ausgrid to make sure the proposed temporary submarine pipe complies with environmental measures to protect seagrasses and the waterway, as well as ensuring public safety in Pittwater.

We will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

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