A Motion on the Council Agenda, Item C9.1 “Design and construction of a seawall, roadway and carpark” was passed last night at the Pittwater Council meeting


1. That the recommendation contained in the report in the Confidential section of this Agenda be adopted

2. That Council invite representatives from key stakeholders on the final aesthetics of the project such as landscaping, walkways, lighting and facades

Vote For:  8

Vote Against:  1

The discussion leading up to this decision lasted for over an hour. Some history was reviewed, as some Councillors had been involved in this unresolved matter for over 33 years.

The need for Parking Priority Management (Demand Management) was much discussed. Specifically, the need for significant priority parking for Offshore residents was strongly advocated for by the Mayor and several other Councillors. It was acknowledged that this was essential so that the advantages of the new additional spaces would not be eroded by increasing demand from outside users. It was said that evening patrons to Church Point businesses will need to get used to accessing Church Point by mini-bus, or other means.

The need to find a mutually satisfactory solution on the issue of parking in local streets was also mentioned. The report being produced by Council staff on this matter will come to Council within the next month, at which time Councillors will make their determination.

Prior to that, there will be an invitation for interested community members to attend a meeting with the Council staff team responsible for the report covering these issues. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss preferences and options for priority parking and to discuss the multiple factors that Council staff need to consider before arriving at final recommendations.

Following discussion and approval of the Motion, Council went into a confidential session to approve the recommended tender.

It is expected that the construction will start in May 2016;  the seawall, walkway and road realignment will be finished by February 2017; the construction of the carpark will then commence and finish by August 2017

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