Community Hall Exterior

Pittwater Council is preparing to repaint the Community Hall, both externally and internally, during December and January. They also intend to carry out general maintenance and refurbishment of the building, including an awning over the verandah.

The proposal is to paint the two lengthways walls and re-stain the two end walls inside the Hall. There is a choice of two colour schemes for the external weather boards.

We invite anyone who is interested to come to the Hall Saturday, November 22 at 10 am to look at the proposed colour scheme selection (See note below).

It is anticipated that the work will take in excess of 4 weeks, and Council staff will work in with Hall usage to carry out internal work. The Hall is available for internal work from December 22 when bookings cease for the Xmas break and resume late January. External work can be carried out without causing disruption to Hall activities.

See you at the Hall on November 22nd at 10 am!

SIRA Hall Committee.

Colours being considered for the Hall:

  1. Taubman’s: “Cookie Jar” for downstairs brickwork; “Taupe Stone” for upstairs external weather boards; “Burma Buff” for the railings.
  2. Bristol: “Stormy Skies” for downstairs brickwork; “Whippoorwill” for upstairs external weather boards; Taubman’s: “Burma Buff” for the railings.

Note: You can view the colours via links above, however please note it depends on your device/monitor how they will be represented – true colours can only be seen from the swatches.

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