Bill Gye

By Bill Gye, SIRA President

Dear Community Member,PWC Have Your Say

As you are probably aware, the NSW State Government is reviewing whether each local Council across NSW is “Fit for the Future”.

In 2012 the Independent Panel appointed by the NSW Government to look at this issue made an initial recommendation to amalgamate Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Council into a single Northern Beaches Council.

Each local Council is required in to submit a response to the NSW Government by June 30. To this end Pittwater Council engaged KPMG to provide their own independent analysis of the pros and cons of the three following options:

  1. Maintain the status quo
  2. Create two Councils on the Northern Beaches (Greater Pittwater and Greater Manly)
  3. Create one single Council

Pittwater Council is encouraging ALL Pittwater residents to investigate this issue and express their preference and views through an online (or telephone) survey.

SIRA encourages residents to:

  1. Visit here: (and be informed)
  2. Register for and attend the public meeting this Tuesday, May 19 6:30pm at the Pittwater RSL
  3. Do the online survey

 SIRA Position

For SIRA to take a position, as per our decision making process on major issues that affect our Island community, we would need to conduct an Island-wide survey to get a clear indication of the majority view. As time is tight this is not possible. We are aware that our current form of “participatory democracy” does decrease flexibility, but it does increase inclusivity.

So we do encourage all residents to individually participate in this process and to form their own views. We appreciate that there is some frustration with Council on many issues, however, having worked closely with Council staff and Councillors on many occasions, there are many times that they have worked with us, for us and have been a good partner in assisting with our own local issues.

We encourage all residents to inform themselves, look rationally at the issues and consider the long term consequences. Pittwater Council has said that they will be swayed by how the majority of residents respond in the survey.


Bill Gye



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