Dear Island Residents,

 We are very pleased and excited to announce that SIRA has published a new version of the Scotland Island Community website, which is the product of much hard work and creativity.


  • The website will help us achieve our aims of engaging with our community, supporting the delivery of a number of services and representing our community to the wider world.
  • The website provides a wide range of information; helps promote and facilitate a number of activities and groups; facilitates conversation and offers a platform for discussion; and is part of the portfolio of tools used to communicate and consult.
  • The launch of the new website is just the beginning and not meant to be static. We envisage much more to be added as more people give feedback and suggestions. To make this happen we need your involvement and participation!

Things to know about the new site:

This version of the website is much easier to interact with, maintain and modify. It has a higher level of integration between the various sections and several new and existing features.

  • An Events Calendar for the whole community is integrated into the site which can be administered through the integrated event request form
  • An Online Local Directory, building upon the POD (Pittwater Offshore Directory). It includes contacts, groups, local businesses, etc., and will become the go to place for local information
  • A News Feed that can cater for a number of different needs and audiences. This could include interesting opinion pieces, announcements, reports of community events or just a good story
  • Mobile phone and tablet enabled, meaning that the site can be viewed comfortably and all parts of the site accessed easily on a smart phone and other small screens
  • Easy expandability and access means the potential to add much more local information. For example, we would welcome a section on offshore artists, on annual events such as the dog race, the floating choir, the Anzac service, festivals, artist trails, children on this island, etc.Feel free to contribute!
  • Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs) to provide access to quick information on specific issues


 The new website is the product of a team effort, led by Hubert van Mierlo, who project managed the site, and Carol Floyd, who managed editorial and content and who has been involved in this project for the past few years.

I would also like to thank the many people who contributed content (Cass Gye, Ruth Gaines, Shar Jones, Bill Gye, Jane Wood), photos (June Lahm, Sam Collins, Hubert van Mierlo, Carol Floyd, Jenny Frazer, Chuck Bradley, Church Point Ferry Service, Colin Haskell, Michael Doherty, Julian Muir, and drawings courtesy of Gwyn Perkins), and testing/proofreading (Tim Turpin, Tracy Smith, David Hegarty, Phil Pryor, Adrian Matthews, Sharon Kinnison, Cass Gye,  Jenny Frazer, Tanya Costin and Alan Gaines).

Finally, I would like to thank those who worked on planning the site under the previous Communications Working Group: Jon Maxim, Carol Floyd, Judy Readman, Ruth Gaines, Cass Gye, Julian Muir and Dan Humphrey.

 Call to action

Now we encourage you all to explore the new site and refer to it for community events, announcements and information. Please do contact the website with any announcements you would like to make. We also hope that residents will contribute ideas for additions, changes or corrections, or even any photographs that you may wish to share

It is your website, and we hope it will become an integral part of community life and the exchange of ideas. So with finger poised on your mouse, please click the following link, add it to your favourites and enjoy…


Bill Gye


Scotland Island Residents Association (SIRA)

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