Which credit/debit cards are accepted for payments for water?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You don't need to pay a processing fee. Cost to SIRA are the same for each card brand, so feel free to choose your favourite card.

How can I pay online for water?

When you receive your invoice via email, click on the link in the email ('Pay Now'). This will open a web page which will offer you the online payment methods. Read the comprehensive online payments guide.

How can I contact the SIRA committee?

You can fill out the contact form here, or contact any of the committee members below:

How can I participate in SIRA activities and working groups?

Interested islanders can volunteer to join any subcommittee by emailing the team leader. Read more here.

Why do I need to Join SIRA to buy water?

Read about this in the Emergency Water page.