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Church Point Ferry Service

Photo of Church Point Ferry Service
Phone: 0433 038 408 (office) Phone: 0408 296 997 (ferry master) Website: Church Point Ferry Service

Community Vehicle

Photo of Community Vehicle
Mobile: 0404 103 700 (Driver on duty)

Palm Beach Ferries

No Photo Available
Phone: 02 9974 2411 Website: Palm Beach Ferries

Palm Beach Water Taxi

No Photo Available
Mobile: 0415 408 831 Website: Palm Beach Water Taxi

Pink Water Taxis

No Photo Available
Mobile: 0428 238 190 Website: Pink Water Taxis

Pink Water Taxis are an on-demand service based at Church Point Ferry Wharf. Call when you are at a wharf and ready to go. Taxis carry up to 6 passengers with normal luggage, and have mobile EFTPOS services available for Mastercard and Visa.

The mobile number connects you to the actual Water Taxi coxswain. If not answered immediately, please wait a couple of minutes before trying again, particularly in bad weather, as the driver may be berthing the vessel or assisting passengers.

Roads & Maritime NSW

No Photo Available
Phone: 02 9477 6600 Hornsby (Mon-Fri) Phone: 02 9979 8055 Pittwater (Fri-Sat) Website: Roads & Maritime NSW

Wallaby Motor Homes

No Photo Available
Location 35-37 Parramatta Road Granville NSW 21042 Work Phone: 9682 4443 Website: Wallaby Motor Homes

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