Pittwater Council has just released the ​long awaited Report on future parking infrastructure at Church Point. This report has been produced in preparation for the matter to come before Council on Monday, December 7 . 

We need more time to fully analyse this report, but from our initial analysis these are the headlines:

Exclusivity for Church Point permits

There is a proposal for unspecified “portions” of exclusive parking in the evenings for vehicles with Church Point Parking Permits in both the main carpark AND the new proposed infrastructure.

Cost and Fees

1.  The proposed CP Permit Fee is $500 (a second Permit is $750)

2.  The cost for non-local residents purchasing a CP Permit will be $1,000

3.  There is a proposal for 50 leased spaces, with their annual fee at $4,939

Once the new infrastructure is paid off in 10 year’s time, the fees remain in place at a reduced level.

Proposed changes to parking arrangements in Eastview Road

1.  Removal of parking spaces on the water side of Eastview Road

2.  The remaining side of Eastview parking regulations will be changed to 4P only between 8 am to 10 pm.


1. We need you to communicate with Councillors to convey your views. Some key points you might consider:

  • significant amount of exclusivity is needed in the evenings – 6pm to 6am (e.g. at least 50% in the main carpark and 100% of the new infrastructure).
  • CP Permit Fees should remain at their current level until the actual final cost of the project is determined.

2. Please email us a copy of all your communications at secretary@sira.org.au

3.  We need your attendance at the Council meeting on December 7th

The report can be found here: http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/council/projects/current/mccarrs_creek_rd_realignment

The contact number and email address of your Councillors is: http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/council/About_Council/coun

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