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This will have HUGE impact on parking

OBJECT to this DA to stop further car parking erosion


Council’s current proposals to change the parking rules in local streets (with no CPP exemption) will reduce unrestricted spaces available by 100-110 spaces, even after the new car park is built!

A new DA has been lodged for licensed restaurant for 138 patrons, 13 motel rooms, a manager’s residence and a new day spa – but only provides 9 on-site parking spaces!  Please find below some suggested issues to raise.

The Pasadena DA provides only 9 on-site parking spaces!!

  • Please read the Traffic and Parking Implications Report, provided with the DA, it provides ample ammunition to discredit the application: It is beyond comprehension how 138 restaurant seats + 14 motel rooms + 3 retail spaces + space needed for staff, translate into the provision of 9 parking spaces.
  • The report bases its numbers on: “anticipated strong patronage from locals and offshore residents”, that restaurant will be only 30 – 85 % full. We all know when it counts most for us (evenings and weekends) when patronage will be high and then, how about patronage for wedding parties as well?
  • The report claims: “The proportion of restaurant/café patrons driving a car to/from the ‘Pasadena’ is likely to be similar to the proportion who travel by car to/from restaurants and/or pubs in the inner city suburbs of Sydney.” This argument is false and should be strongly countered. Church Point is isolated by a lack of transport and parking options while existing infrastructure is inadequate for local families struggling to park, to get children to and from school.
  • The report concludes that the Pasadena development will not have unacceptable parking implications and cites the addition of the 120 spaces for the new car park as one of the reasons: The new car park only provides 45 to 50 publicly available spaces after 50 to 60 are used for private lease and 10-15 current spaces are lost due to construction. There is also the potential loss of many parking spots in the local Church Point streets. We are paying for this car park which was sold to us as a way to increase the amount of available car parking for offshore residents.

Opening hours restraurant/pub: Not compatible with a residential area and family transport hub

Motel will operate 24/7 (motel is subject to acceptance of Existing Use Rights)

Spa will operate 7:30am – 9:00pm, 7 days

Restaurant will operate 5:00am – 12:00pm Mon – Sat; 10:00am- 10:00pm Sun; 12:00am – 10:00pm Good Fri & Xmas; 5:00am – 2:00am Dec 31. This development is as stated like a ‘hotel pub in the inner-city’.  It is not in keeping with the isolated residential setting or the demographics of the existing community which includes many young families and retirees. Safety is an issue of concern for children travelling alone or waiting for transport connections.

Noise: Noise from music, guests, refrigeration and delivery trucks are likely to be an issue for nearby Church Point residents and for offshore residents as it bounces across water.

Existing use rights: A motel is a prohibited use on this site, however, the applicant is claiming existing use rights as Warringah Council first approved the use of the site for motel rooms, restaurant and retail in 1961.  Have these rights lapsed after many years of disuse?

Number of dining seats: Since the Pasadena ceased operating under its previous licence, the number of licensed seats at the Church Point Café has grown substantially. Should this be considered in determining the number of Pasadena restaurant seats permitted? Should there be a maximum number of dining seats for Church Point?


Details of the DA / Council Form / Link to DA on Council Website

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  1. Paul Blackband
    Paul Blackband says:

    I’ve noticed the parking survey done for this report on 29th and 30th November 2013 was during the wettest November since 1984. On the days the survey was done the local area received 5mm of rain which keeps visitor numbers down significantly and would not be a true representation of the carpark use…particularly on a Saturday!


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