Vegetation Collection Scotland IslandFor the purposes of fuel reduction, the Northern Beaches Council provides Scotland Island residents with a bi-annual vegetation collection. Residents should place materials by the roadside on the rostered dates and be aware of the conditions below.

Here is this year’s waste collections calendar (click on Scotland Island).

 Acceptable vegetation

  • Lawn clippings, weeds and leaves must be presented in hard sided containers.
  • Branches are to be no longer than 1.2m, and no wider than 75mm.
  • All branches must be bundled and tied.
  • Bundles must be able to be lifted by one person.
  • Two cubic metres maximum per household.
  • Vegetation will only be collected from the roadside.

Vegetation collected is taken to Kimbriki Recycling and Waste Disposal Centre for shredding and making into mulch and soils.

Unacceptable materials

  • Vegetation in any form of plastic or nylon bags, hessian bags, polystyrene boxes, foam boxes and cardboard boxes.
  • Tree stumps, soil, fencing.
  • Non-organic materials.
  • Treated, painted, stained or laminated timber, particle board, plywood.
  • General clean up materials.
  • Vegetation on public or private wharves.

Vegetation placed out late will not be collected — please remove from the roadside.


Composting reduces waste and can help to improve the quality of the soils on your property.

Composting uses a balance of ingredients such as garden clippings, branches, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, soil, papers and wood ash.

To help the composting process, turn it over regularly and keep the compost moist.

Council Schedules

For information on the council schedules for both vegetation and general cleanups, visit the Northern Beaches Council website.