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Sira Meeting today

All welcome

Please join us for our inaugural SIRA Zoom meeting.

Get involved. All Scotland Island residents welcome. Please advise agenda items in advance.

SIRA Meeting August 29, 11 am by Zoom.

SIRA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: SIRA August Meeting

Time: Aug



SIRA wrote to council for clarification on the following issues in relation to the application at the Pasadena. Council advised the two issues are noted and will be considered  Here is part of their reply:

Operating Hours

In regards to issues relating to a lack of information on the proposed


Due to the flooding rains the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade “Coming out of Covid Party” in Catherine Park on Saturday 27 March has been cancelled. Even with the predicted finer weather in the next few days the park will most likely remain a quagmire. Also many members remain on