Scotland Island Traders

scotland island traders photo G.Richmond


  • Good prices
  • Huge product range

Please contact us at to register as a delivery customer.
We will supply any extra info upon contact.


After much tooing and froing we now have an outlet for alcohol purchases!!


phone no.9999 3055

email ad.

All you need do to is order is call or email them with your order by Thursday evening, pay with your credit card, and we will deliver with your groceries on Sat morning. There will be some discounts available for us, and our delivery charge will still be $9 per box.Make sure you mark your order “Deliver to Scotland Island Traders Sat morning”.

Scotland Island Traders

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Contact: Graeme Richmond Location 351 Thompson Street Scotland Island NSW 2105 Australia Other PO Box 245 Church Point NSW 2105 Australia Phone: 9999 4774 Work Fax: 9979 5869 Mobile: 0419 460 331

Happy shopping!!

Harvest Hub

Harvest Hub is a local vegetable buying business that operates by delivering ordered bags to a central ‘hubster’.

You can select from three bag sizes and bags can be customised online to suit your preferences.

Join up at Harvest Hub, then ring Matt Lakeman, the island hubster, on 0404 876 685 to arrange delivery.

Delivery is on Tuesday, and costs $9, to your door.

Harvest Hub (Photo Matt Lakeman)


If you have a subscription to a newspaper (Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian) at a Scotland Island address, the morning ferry will deliver the papers to your closest wharf; you can collect them there.

If you have a delivery service you would like to add, please request a listing via the form on the Directory Page.