Trees (Photo June Lahm)Council tree policy

Council consent is NOT required to:

  • Remove a declared noxious weed or tree listed in the exempt species table.
  • Prune a tree by up to 10% of the foliage area within a period of not less than 12 months since any prior pruning.
  • Remove any tree harbouring fruit fly or grown for its edible fruit.

Council consent IS required to:

  • Prune a tree by greater than 10% of the foliage area.
  • Remove any tree not otherwise listed in the exempt species table.
  • Substantially alter the soil level around the trunk or within three (3) meters of the trunk of a tree.

Council MAY give consent to remove a tree where:

  • A tree is diseased or dying.
  • A tree is causing, or is likely to cause substantial property damage (to houses building etc).
  • A tree is significantly misshapen or causing substantial overshadowing.
  • Assessment will be made on the removal of a tree/trees following the submission of a Tree Removal Application Form.

Consent will generally NOT be given when:

  • A tree is shedding leaves, fruit or bark and this is considered a natural process.
  • A tree is causing minor damage to property, eg driveways.
  • The objective is to improve a view.
  • There are unsubstantiated fears about large trees.
  • A tree is causing minor shading.
  • A tree is causing blockage to pipes.