Annual water price increase starts today, July 1

As per the 2024/25 budget, and as per the decision announced in 2022 that the default annual increase in the SIRA charge for water would be in line with the annual CPI (which is 3.6%) the new prices for water are:

  • Water per kL $6.43
  • Manual booking fee $16.09
  • Auto booking fee $5.37

The price change is due to CPI increases as well as additional expenditure such as electricity and pump equipment depreciation.

SIRA and the Emergency Water Subcommittee continually seek efficiencies to keep the water price as low as possible, and this has included the development of the automated booking system. However there have been steadily increasing costs such as the charge from Sydney Water, which increases annually on July 1.

There are many other costs associated with managing the water lines. These include:

  • electricity for the pump of $450 per quarter
  • depreciation on the pump of $500 per month
  • line clearing and maintenance of the line and equipment at $6,500 per annum
  • booking software and IT of $7,000 pa
  • transaction charges on invoice payments of around $2,200 pa.

SIRA also needs to allow for a share of its overheads, as the water activity increases its insurance expense, and the activity requires IT and accounts support.

We understand that price increases are not welcome news, but SIRA has endeavoured to keep prices as low as possible.

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