Pasadena Protest


Friday, Dec. 15th

Offshore residents rally against Pasadena redevelopment

Local residents plan a protest rally on Saturday in opposition to the renovation and reopening of the Pasadena building at Church Point.

“The overwhelming majority of the community does not want this venue reopened,” said Sharon Kinnison, spokesperson for the Scotland Island Residents’ Association (SIRA). “We aim to dispel any illusion the current owners may have that the community supports it – we don’t, and we’ll continue to fight it.”

Property developers Biagio Abignano and Paul Peterkin recently began renovating the building, which has been derelict since 2009, despite plans by Northern Beaches Council announced in August this year to compulsorily acquire the building and dedicate the site to community use.

“We already have a congestion problem with the number of visitors to Church Point and this will make the situation worse with no community benefit. A venue like this is completely out of character with the area,” Sharon Kinnison said.

SIRA, Church Point Friends and the West Pittwater Community Association which represent more than 1,000 local residents helped organise the protest. They say the owners are using a development approval from 1963 as the basis to reopen the venue.

Residents groups say they welcome the compulsory acquisition plans and appreciate the support for such a plan from the Northern Beaches Council and local member Rob Stokes.

The site has been the subject of several failed development applications, including for a day spa and wedding reception venue.

Residents say the offshore community has grown over the years resulting in increasing pressure on car parking. They are also concerned the community will lose access to the Crown Land on the water side of Pasadena which is used by locals and day visitors.

“There is currently insufficient parking overnight and at all time during weekends,” the spokesman said. “The reopening of The Pasadena as a venue would significantly increase pressure on parking because this development has no possible options for private parking.”

About 1,000 permanent residents on Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores of Pittwater access their homes from Church Point.

Church Point carpark users currently pay about $300 a year for public parking, which will increase to about $500 after completion of the double-storey car park.

The rally will be held at 9am in front of the Pasadena building.

For further information, contact:

Scotland Island Residents’ Association – Sharon Kinnison, 0438 719 764, ,

Church Point Friends –

West Pittwater Community Association –

2 replies
  1. Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones says:

    Protesting against the re-opening of Pasadena when we, the main-lander’s, are spending money to modify our environment so that you can have the luxury of a purpose built car-park and wharf to park your boats is beyond comprehension. The silly thing is that by providing you with these facilities we are protecting our environment from your destructive needs. You obviously have no conscience nor regard for anyone but yourselves.It’s this sort of greed that will ultimately destroy this beautiful place in which we live.

    • Hubert van Mierlo
      Hubert van Mierlo says:

      Just one thing Gareth, the construction of the new car park and the gentrification of Church Point (the walkway) are entirely funded from the Church Point construction fund which is maintained by Council. That fund gets its income from the church point parking permits and leased space income and since those are overwhelmingly held by offshore residents, it is the offshore residents who are funding this, not onshore residents.

      In regards to the Pasadena, if you do not like further development in Church Point, then you should be against the opening of another venue attracting yet more parking demand to Church Point. As you have seen, the only solution to this in the mind of Council is to build yet more car parks. We would like the further commercialisation and further infrastructure build at Church Point to stop. We know there are many local residents on shore who agree with that.


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