Saturday, November 20    
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Recreation Centre
Catherine Park, Scotland Island, NSW

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Presented by the SIRA Recreation Club.


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Program for

Discussion of European History of Scotland Island and Surrounds

20 November, 2021, 2-4 pm

Scotland Island Community Hall

Catherine Bouffier (1857-1940)


Welcome to Country (Neil Evers – great-grandnephew of Catherine Benns)

Introduction, Robyn Iredale (10 minutes)

  • Naming of the 2 Catherines Café, the play and the 2 main purposes of the discussion.
  • Introduction of playwright, Jasper Marlow, Greg Waters and Kay Reaney.
  • Introduction of the panel (Paul Griffiths and Craig Burton) and everyone else to introduce themselves.

Paul Griffiths (5 – 10 minutes), Local historian, early interactions of European settlers with Indigenous people of Pittwater.

Craig Burton (10 mins), Landscape architect and local resident, 19th century European settlement and purchase of the island by Herbert Fitzpatrick.

Video (13 mins), prepared by Roy Baker, – Catherine Bouffier’s great-granddaughter, Vivianne Byrnes, talks about Catherine and her daughters: Florence (wife of Herbert Fitzpatrick) and Elvina.

Opening up of Discussion

Afternoon tea will be available