Proposal for art space use of the Recreation Centre, Scotland Island

Offshore artists and makers are an important part of our community and have added immeasurably to the richness and appeal of our festivals and other community events. One issue for local artists and artisans is space and occasions on


Updated information from the Roads, Drainage and Environment Subcommittee

The Roads, Drainage and Environment Subcommittee has been working to improve content on the website. We invite you to click on the link below to check it out and read the recent notification from Transport NSW (Feb 2022) regarding the state

Carols Wharf Closure, Pittwater Ward Community Meetings, Two Catherines BBQ Cafe, 


11 March 2022 

Information from NBC re Carols Wharf closure

From Lee Steadman, Senior Project Officer – Capital Projects

The builder has now confirmed that on Monday 21st March the pontoons at Carols Wharf will start arriving