SIRA conducted a survey of Scotland Island Residents to determine the community’s attitudes in relation to the impending Council Decision to give final approval for the built of the new Car Park at Church Point.

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On 6 March, SIRA …

Pittwater Council will be making their final decision whether to accept tenders to proceed with construction for the additional parking at Church Point on the evening of Monday March 7.

A brief survey to all members has been distributed by email to determine community views on two essential matters.


At the Council meeting held Monday December 7, the decision to proceed with going to tender (next week) for the construction of additional parking infrastructure including the road re-alignment, new walkway was approved.

What was also discussed:

a)      the budget for the project , and

b)      changes to parking arrangements …


The survey was held as part on an ongoing Scotland Island community consultation and engagement process on this issue. While the issue has been on the community agenda for decades it became more focused in the past six months with the review of the Sydney Water Licence by …


The issue of infrastructure and parking management at Church Point is about to hot up.  In the next month or so a significant Council meeting to make some important decisions on this matter will be held.

There are four significant issues:

  1. the approval status of the existing plan
  2. current

Community Vehicle with Karmel

Soon you will be seeing a brand new Community Vehicle and notice some changes in the signage – but the service (and type of vehicle) will remain the same.

Since inception, the Community Vehicle service has been managed by SIRA.  This was made possible by grant funding from the NSW …

Photo: Hubert van Mierlo

The SIRA Committee is introducing some changes to membership structure and administration, the way we interact with members and the legal requirements for the purchase of Emergency Non-potable Water.


Currently the SIRA membership fee is $20 per household. As from 1 July 2015, membership will be based on individuals, …

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Guest Speaker: Mark Ferguson – General Manager Pittwater Council




9:30 Registration and Morning Tea/Coffee
10:00 Welcome and Apologies
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10:15 Guest Speaker: Mark Ferguson, General Manager, Pittwater Council

Local Council Amalgamation Issue

Storm water runoff from recent rain has severely damaged the Island’s roads and drainage infrastructure, making some areas dangerous for the Community Vehicle to use safely.

Roads with severe gradients such as Hilda Avenue, Cecil Street and the “hair-pin” bend leading to the top of the Island, now have deep …