I have lived on Scotland Island for three years and have been an active member of the Roads and Drains Sub-committee, and the Parks and Reserves Sub-committee. I am interested in consultation and cooperation achieving improvements in amenity, better services and broader choices for all.

Nominated for: Committee Member

As President of SIRA, I have been involved with issues which are now at a crucial stage of development. I have a background on these issues and believe that I can contribute to the achievement of positive outcomes for our community.

Nominated for: President, Committee Member

As a resident since 1977 I have a wealth of knowledge on Island matters. The Island needs improvements to infrastructure, care of our environment and community consultation to make important decisions. I want to work with a positive team to advocate for the community and provide important services for residents.

I have lived at the top of Scotland Island for 10 years and have served as Secretary and general committee member for two of those years. I am a member of the Fire Brigade. I am an academic lawyer with concerns about SIRA’s exposure to liability, which I would like …

I have lived on the island for 15 years, have been involved in community matters for a number of those years, including writing feedback submissions to council with respect to things such as the car park and island roads. I have been a SIRA committee member this year, assisting with …

I’ve been one of the Vice President’s for the last year. I’ve lived on the island for 7 years and am keen to see SIRA working effectively for the community and delivering real world outcomes.

Nominated for: Vice President, Committee Member

I have lived on Scotland Island for over 20 years both at the top of the island and on the water.

I love the island life, our natural environment and the diverse community that makes this place special.

I want our island life to be sustainable into the future and …

I have been on the Island for 11 years. Over the past 2 years I have been on the SIRA Committee and helped improving SIRA’s efficiency, communication and transparency.

My contributions resulted in our new website and now our membership system with self service portal.

There is a lot more …

I am a retired teacher/Senior Educator of Pittwater’s Coastal Environment Centre. My role included program management targeting community catchment & sustainability education.

I am a CFR for the fire brigade & a Bushcare volunteer/ coordinator at Catherine Park.

I love my community, being active in the water & natural environment.…

I’m an accountant with several years experience. I’ve been upgrading SIRA accounts to make it more efficient, and the reports more readable.

Nominated for: Treasurer, Committee Memebr