Scotland Island Lodge (Photo Colin Haskell)

Visitors wanting to stay on the island are able to check out the Scotland Island Lodge. It is conveniently located near Tennis Wharf and Rosemary and Colin Haskell are wonderful hosts.

Several bed & breakfasts are also available on the island; search online on Airbnb for details.

A nearby alternative is to stay at Morning Bay in the Pittwater Youth Hostel, where you are surrounded by nature and native animals.

Youth Hostel (Photo Michael Doherty)

YHA Birds (Drawing Gwyn Perkins)

Drawing Gwyn Perkins

Occasionally, short-term rentals are advertised on posters at Church Point and in the ferry sheds around the island, in the Pittwater Online Newsletter, or through the local real estate offices.

Pittwater YHA hostel

Contact: Katie Brady
Home Phone: 02 9999 5748 Website: Pittwater YHA hostel
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